Trifor is a clinical trial supply simulator.

Its aim is to assist clinical supplies professionals with forecasting and optimization of clinical trial logistics.

It enables modeling and simulation of Randomization and Trial Supply Management systems (RTSM, also referred to as IVRS, IWRS, IxRS, or IRT).

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to reduce the time and cost of setup, operation, and maintenance of clinical trial supply simulation software.

Our vision is to empower clinical trial sponsors with technology that helps them bring new drugs to the market faster and more efficiently.


We are a team of clinical supplies and IT professionals from a variety of backgrounds including computational science, mathematics, and engineering.


Trifor is currently in a beta version. To request a demo please write to us at

Trifor will be available on a software as a service basis.

Additionally, we offer building custom features and extensions including bespoke:

  • ¬†input/output formats,
  • parameters,
  • reports,
  • resupply algorithms,
  • randomization algorithms,
  • integration,
  • user interface,
  • Monte Carlo simulations.